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Updated: Feb 12, 2019


Healthy Texas will satisfy the healthcare needs for every Texan.

It’s Medicare for All Texans.

Healthy Texas includes:

  • Full coverage: emergency care and transportation, preventive, rehabilitation, inpatient and outpatient, vision and dental care, immunizations, prosthetics, hearing aids, mental health therapy and medications, hospice care, pre/postnatal care, pediatric, and wellness.

  • High-quality, low-overhead care. Let’s let doctors be doctors and nurses be nurses.

  • No more copays, premiums, or deductibles.

  • Significantly lower prescription drug costs.

  • Choose your own doctor: all doctors, nurses, clinics, hospitals, and registered therapists are in-network.

  • Save rural hospitals and clinics.

  • Provides comprehensive care and better access for veterans and military families.

  • Reduce bureaucracy. No hassling with insurance companies makes life better.

  • Ends price gouging practices by hospitals, Big Pharma, and corporations.

  • Combines Medicare, Medicaid, the ACA, CHIP, and other federal, state, and regional health programs into a single system. The remaining funds needed for Healthy Texas will come by getting the 1% to pay their fair share.

  • Will help small businesses save $$ by an estimated 22% per year.

  • Families will save money: A family making $50,000 will save an estimated $5,800 per year.

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Our Revolution Texas is a 501(c)(4) working to promote Healthy Texas, Medicare for Y'all, and many other progressive solutions to help everyday Texans. 

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